Lead: DMP. Co‐lead: Rambøll

An environmental baseline tool will be developed to support better and faster environmental baseline studies  (WP4).   The  tool  will  be  implemented  in  the  existing  Danish  Environment  Portal  run  by  a  cooperation  of  Danish  municipalities, regions and the Ministry of Environment. The environmental baseline will be based on a GIS‐based platform for an easy identification of environmental baseline information in a specific geography.  Information from existing EA reports, general environmental reports and research articles will be retrieved using  machine learning. The project’s models will be based on word, character, named entity and citation‐based  representation of documentation with linkage to knowledge graphs and enable users to search for individual facts  across documents. To make this possible the content of the EA reports will be labelled and annotated by EA experts.  Data processing will be based upon open source and Azure cloud components. The project will thus take advantage  of DMP’s investment in software components targeting the needs of the Danish environment sector. 

The specific tasks are: 

Task 4.1 Clarification of baseline requirements and data

Task 4.2 Advancing and testing the baseline database

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