Value Creation

The value creation is presented in the figure below. It provides an overview of the many types of values created at a societal level with related objectives. This is supplemented by a description of the value for the separate users of  the tools developed in DREAMS. 

The value for the users entails: 

PROFESSIONALS AND CONSULTANTS that conduct the EAs will benefit directly by better support of their assessment  work including better overview of data and better possibilities to link effects to SGDs. Although the databases are  not finalised, when the DREAMS project period is concluded, the tools are expected to be commonly used for three  environmental parameters; Nature, climate and human health. 

CIVIL SERVANTS AT AUTHORITIES will benefit directly by better support of their work in terms of easier access to the  data used in the assessments, and by better communication of the effects towards green transition to decisionmakers. 

PROJECT DEVELOPERS AND DECISION‐MAKERS will benefit directly by getting faster overviews and thus a possibility  for integrating environmental aspects earlier in design and decision‐making. Faster overviews also means shorter  implementation periods. 

CITIZENS AND POLITICIANS will be allowed access to model the project in the interface and thus gain a better understanding of the impacts of alternative solutions. 

OTHER SECTOR BENEFICIARIES, including e.g. banks, insurance companies, real‐estate agents, will be able to benefit  from knowledge generated in DREAMS 

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