Digitally supported Environmental  Assessment for Sustainable  Development Goals (SDGs)
The vision of the DREAMS project is:

To promote progress on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by digitally transforming the way society accesses  and communicates information about environmental impacts of projects and plans in order to enable the best  decisions towards green transition in a transparent and inclusive democratic process.


  • To support transition towards low carbon society while strengthening the system perspective through EA  and the interlinkages between climate change and other sustainability objectives.
  • To make Danish actors international first movers bringing SDGs into EA and the core of decision‐making  through systematic and data‐based digital frameworks.
  • To improve the efficiency and quality of EA through digitally transforming highly manual, time‐consuming,  inefficient and evidence‐biased EA processes.
  • To  unite  all  relevant  actors  in  developing  novel  solutions  and  business  developments  for  EA  being  mandatory in EU and worldwide serves a key role in decision‐making for green transition and tackling  societal grand challenges.

More specifically the project aims at developing an open‐access baseline tool and an effect assessment decision tool  (CAUSA) that:

  • Reduce societal costs of EA processes by 30%.
  • Provide decision‐makers with measures to reduce GHG emissions with 15‐50%.
  • Provide business potentials for Danish EA actors with a value of 1.0‐2.5 billion EUR/per year.

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